Classes Resume At University Of The Bahamas Campus In Freeport

THE University of The Bahamas North has reopened and resumed classes at its downtown centre in Freeport, a month after Hurricane Dorian destroyed the northern campus in East Grand Bahama.  


University of The Bahamas-North to engage leaders on GB sustainability

University of The Bahamas-North (UB-North) will be hosting a conference focused on the economic prospects of the island of Grand Bahama. The Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference is being held April 5–6 under the theme, “Breaking Down Barriers, Shaping the Future”.  

GB Sustainability Programme Cover.jpg

UB-North conference aims to improve Bahamas’ hurricane resilience – call for conference papers

Nassau, THE BAHAMAS - The ruined neighbourhoods, flattened infrastructure, and rising death toll that Hurricane Dorian left behind have made planning for adaptations to climate change - and its myriad effects - even more urgent.  


UB North looks for a ‘new home’ in the City of Freeport proper

Vice President of the University of The Bahamas (UB) North campus, Dr. Ian Strachan said that he is hopeful to acquire a more permanent location in the downtown area of Freeport for the institution, following the destruction at the school site as a result of Hurricane Dorian early in September.