Climates of Inequality

Facing Climates of Inequality After Dorian project is the UB-North's contribution to Climates of Inequality, an international travelling exhibit in partnership with the Humanities Action Lab at Rutgers University-Newark and 22 other partnering institutions. This exhibit presents stories of climate and environmental justice that emerge from local, community-based research projects by students in collaboration with local NGOs, Waterkeepers Bahamas and the Bahamas National Trust.



Our local exhibit explores and documents the impact that Hurricane Dorian had on our island of Grand Bahama and the global and local inequalities at the root of the problem. Research questions engage the increasing threats that global climate change pose to our archipelagic nation and potential solutions that promote economic and environmental sustainability as well as equity and justice for all its inhabitants.

Project Facilitators: 


Dr. Ian Strachan, Project Director (

Vice President, UB-North campus and Associate Professor, English Studies •

Dr. Ian Anthony Bethell-Bennett, Assistant Professor, English Studies at Oakes Field (

Dr. Sally Everson, Assistant Professor, English Studies at UB-North (  


Ms. Juliet Glenn-Callender, UB-North Librarian (


Dr. Andrew Moxey, Assistant Professor, Chemistry at UB-North (