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What SGBC Is All About

The 3rd Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference under the theme “Diversifying and Expanding our Economy,” is scheduled for April 7-9th 2022. The event is being held virtually and  will bring together international and local experts, public, private and civic leaders to chart the way forward.  As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic and prepare to return to normalcy, world economies must innovate to assist in the recovery. The Bahamian economy is similarly challenged with finding innovative methods to move the country forward towards a more promising economic future for its citizens. As the national tertiary institution, University of The Bahamas remains committed to providing thought leadership on the most pressing concerns of  the nation. The focus, therefore, of the third biannual Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference, will be to explore diversification and adaptation as mechanisms to secure a sustainable economic future for present and future generations. 

Meet The Speakers
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